Movie Review: AMY (Directed by Asif Kapadia)

by davebarclay1954

In depth review of Amy. If this doesn’t hit you, then you’re already dead. RIP Amy Winehouse, a hugely talented but ultimately flawed, superstar and vocalist whose songs touched us in ways she never knew.

You Reader, Me Jane

Many of us in the United States did not know who Amy Winehouse was when we learned Amy_Winehousethrough media reports of her tragic death at the age of 27. I was one of those. Asif Kapadia’s moving 2015 work of cinematography, AMY, ensures that we know who, and what, we lost that July day, 2011, and that we feel that loss intensely. It also unapologetically asks us to understand when sudden fame – and its associated institutions – projects itself, full blown, on young, talented, and vulnerable artist and ultimately contributes to the demise of those very artists.

The documentary is full of home videos, photographs, and films of professional and amateur performances of Amy singing live and in studios, and we hear interviews with her best friends Juliette Ashy and Lauren Gilbert, her managers Nick Shymansky and producers Salaam Remi and more, her keyboardist Sam Beste, her bodyguard Andrew…

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