Get A Clue!

by davebarclay1954

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Psych Circus

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Get a clue, young people of the world! Get a clue!

I’ll make it easy for you: We. Are. Your. Future. And. We. Know. Stuff. You. Need. Right. Now. Stuff you need to succeed, right now. How to succeed at life! Get a clue, and get over yourselves. They’re something of a package deal, sad but true. Everyone has or had youth, for exactly long as you do now. Everyone! It’s no great or unusual achievement, youth: all you did to earn it was to get born and survive to your current age. So common, average, ordinary! Don’t get me wrong: you’re special and unique, but it has nothing to do with your youth. Youth typically assume they know everything and that they’ll never get old. Typical! You can even find songs about it on old-timey records in your grandparent’s attic. You do realize we smirk over such…

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