‘Life’ my nemesis.

by davebarclay1954

Such a wonderful summation for those of us who “hide” our illness behind a facade.

Only I, know the true me.

Life you’re cr@p, you really suck,

you’ve given me, all bad luck.

You took my heart and made it ache,

showed me love, which was fake.

I cry, you smile, you enjoy my tears,

filling my head with all those fears.

You show me hope, then snatch it back,

then laugh when I have, a panic attack.

When I act strong, you take my breath,

You make me think, that I want my death.

Teasing me with a glimpse of light,

You never gave me, the skill to fight.

Right from birth, I learnt to hide,

to keep my emotions, trapped inside.

Making me the bullies pray,

I live in fear, everyday.

What did I do, to earn your hate?

I no longer trust in ‘Life’s Fate’.

Please give me a break, I can’t take no more,

Why do you and I, have to be at war?

If you push…

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