Edith Olive O’ Connor 2, the story continues.

by davebarclay1954

Wonderful tale of life on the edge, long may it continue to grow and to write itself into a modern work of art.

Rethinking Life

IMG_2723Edith had only been working at the Book Lovers Emporium for a week before she gave up and let the books have their own way.   Now, six months later, she’s letting the entire shop do as it pleases, since things run quite smoothly without her intervention.  She has no idea who’s making the coffee and tea in the morning and if there is a certain way the books are shelved, she doesn’t know what it is.

The walls in the main Reading Room are painted wedgwood blue, although they do change color, now and then.  The windows seemingly go from the floor to the ceiling but since no one can actually see the ceiling there’s no way to be sure.  And it doesn’t matter whether it’s sunny, raining, day or night, the lightening in the room is always the same…early morning on a sunny, summer day.    Some of…

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