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Month: June, 2015

Snap, remember when…

If, like me, you were born in the 1950’s then you will have seen some amazing changes occur over the last 6 decades. In the 1950’s television was still in its infancy and not every household had a set. In the 1960’s the idea of renting technology was born and this created a boom for television. Now, any household without a set is in the minority.

By 1969 we had stepped off this rock and gone into space, that year we landed, and stepped out onto, another huge rock. Hard to believe but the computers used for space exploration took up entire buildings and had LESS memory, software and capability than the modern laptop. There was no way we dreamed of every house having computers back then. Except some did.

In the field of entertainment, we had cinema for movies. These didn’t stick around for more than a week, there were 2 shown back to back and Saturday morning Matinees for the kids. Parents could drop the kids off at the cinema and go back 3 hours later to collect them. The films on Saturday mornings tended to be informational, sensational serials. Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon made their debuts this way. Once television had found its way into every household cinema audiences dropped off.

Our parents were free to hand out physical punishments, a clip round the ear, the belt across the arse (sometimes buckle end). If you went home and said an adult had hit you then you’d get a hiding since “you must’ve been up to no good”. In the main, though, we learned by example and respected our elders, women and politicians told the truth (from their parties point of view). Scandal was rare and fame was earned. How times change, we all know politicians and lawyers lie, those who win lie better than their opponents. We all suffer for it in the end.

Global warming happened every Summer when we were kids. Yes we had rainy days, sometimes for a week at a time, but there was nothing to do inside so out we went. A few of us didn’t like what we saw happening in the world, nuclear testing and weapons being stockpiled. When plans were announced to create the future of power generation using nuclear reactors we saw this as a good use of the technology so far put into weapons of mass destruction. We couldn’t understand why not everyone was happy at the thought. Following on from Chernobyl, however, it would seem this was indeed inevitable to happen.

The savages in America (North and South) could have taught us so much if the European settlers had listened and not been fuelled by greed. A similar tale to Africa and Australia, yes the African tribes fought wars among themselves but that didn’t give us the right to go in and kill millions, forcing them into slavery and carrying them off around the world to further strengthen our greed. Hitler shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone, after all he learned from the Dutch, Roman and British how to gain an Empire, used new technology to bring nations to their knees in days rather than years. Tyrants have always found opposition unless they were generous in victory. Hitler, as a lot of his peers were, hated Jews. Hatred has never been founded on logic and his scientists developed a method of genocide not seen before. He wanted to completely destroy Jewry from Europe and if the war had continued for another few years he might have succeeded. Look around you now and the modern day tyrants are in the Middle East, calling themselves Muslims they want to eradicate all other religions and any moderate Muslims from the world. These are the new Nazis for the modern age.

Not all Muslims are like these fanatics, Hitler was a catholic following the teaching of Roman Catholicism, did we treat all Roman Catholics as the enemy? No! Should we look at every Muslim as the enemy today? No! These so called Religious Zealots don’t practice their own religion, merely pay lip service to it. Can we spot them in our cities and towns? No, but don’t treat every Muslim as the enemy or that’s what they’ll become. Let the Muslim hierarchy find them and hand them over to the police before they kill. We shouldn’t lower ourselves to their level, we’re bigger than that.

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Positivity abounds. Plentiful rest for the tired and weary traveller. My home is home to all with love in their hearts.

Soul Gatherings


I do not judge people
by the scriptures of their faith
or the scars from their past,
I embrace them by the content of their hearts.

~ Dodinsky ~

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“How Things Have Changed since the 1980s”

Greed is never good, but this is so true I had to share.

Lucky Otters Haven

Credit: Ramen Noodle Nation

Just the other day, I discovered a great blog called Ramen Noodle Nation. It’s all about the growing problem of poverty in America. Even 30 years ago, during the “Greed is Good” decade, there was far less poverty and people seemed to obsess less about money and survival. Most normal people still had disposable income to spend on things like miniatures and collectible plates. Now people are just trying to scrape together a decent dinner. The gap between the wealthy and everyone else has widened immensely since he 1980s. The poor still had safety nets and the middle class were far less likely to fall into poverty through circumstances completely outside their control (such as their jobs being shipped overseas). We’re becoming a third world nation, with a few extremely wealthy people–and everyone else, who either struggle to survive or are desperately trying to stay…

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Life is too short for fussing, lovely insight

Jsack's Mom's Blog

There are times I put my ball cap on big sunglasses tuck my hands in my hoodie kangaroo pocket and hide out. Sometimes I do this at home or when I go out so I can remain anonymous. I might even look creepy in my incognito splendour, but I feel safe. I like to people watch there I said it, and this is a way I can do it casually. I learn so much about watching people. There’s an art form to it, a nuance that I appreciate. I don’t stare I just watch how people use their body language, talk in public, how they get absorbed in their “face in their phone world.”

I have always enjoyed this past time and until now I’ve remained anonymous about it. People inspire me I can think up things to write just from seeing people interacting with each other. Sometimes I take…

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Silent Sunday – Happy Cats

Cats have the right idea, spread out and lie in.

Natacha Guyot


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Positive Quote of the Day ~ June 7th

Positive quotes abound from the original blog. Well worth a visit!

Blog of a Mad Black Woman


Have a blessed day all. ❤

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Dirty laundry

We shouldn’t air our dirt in public, wash it first and air it clean.

Momentary Lapse Of Sanity


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Expect nothing

If we follow nothing else, let’s give this a good go!

Momentary Lapse Of Sanity


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The Emptiness of Offense

One of the best interviews in print with a satirical author, enjoyed this immensely, if you do please check out the original on the Salon.


I’m not brave, and that’s the fucking problem. I just can’t write about anything else but what I actually care about. While I was writing this novel, I kept thinking, black people are going to resent that this discussion [of mixed-race identity] is even happening because some people are going to see it as people trying to distance themselves from blackness. Some people are going to see it as divisive and taking away much needed power in the black community by making it even smaller. Mixed people, my fellow mixed people, don’t tend, as a group, to have a great sense of humor about this stuff. They’re very sensitive about it and there’s a lot of trauma there, so even if they only slightly disagree with me, they’re going to be incredibly furious about that. White people, some of them are going to react by saying, “Why does it matter?”…

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