Thinking Thursday

by davebarclay1954

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My Crazy Path


When you fall asleep at night, or whenever you do get to sleep, what do you think happens? Where does your soul go? What is going on with your body? What do these dreams mean? There are many different ideas and theories people have made. There are many thoughts on what dreams mean.

I’ve been intrigued with dreams and sleep since I was a child.

Here are some ideas I believe:

* I believe in and have done astro-projection.

* I have a theory that reality isn’t what we think it is, as babies we dream of our lives then grow up to live them.

* I believe some dreams can be for-telling.

* I believe some dreams can be a memory or gateway into our past lives and/or alternate realities.

* I believe that some dreams can help explain myself and subconscious better.

I want to start a dream…

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