The Secret to a Joyful Life

by davebarclay1954

Positivity never lets you down and can lead to happyness

As humans we spend a lot of time running around, searching frantically for something we’ve heard about but never really found. Happiness. We hear about it all the time. It seems to be a theme out there, that the whole goal of life is just to find that elusive happiness.

All kinds of uplifting, emotionally-charged memes with marshmallow fluff clouds in the background tell us that finding this feeling is simple.


Pop-culture (even certain aspects inspired by true stories) tells us that if we work hard enough, we’ll find it.


The world tells us that happy people are the nicest people, the wisest people, and the most successful.


But, there’s something out there that might be slightly more important than happiness. Because, while happiness may seem like a lovely life goal, if you’re anyone who’s lived in this world, you probably know that it’s not realistic to assume that you’ll always be happy every minute…

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