A Crappy Game I Used To Have To Play

by davebarclay1954

And the moral of this story is… If you’re going to lie about someone make sure they won’t find out what you’ve done.

Everyone Has A Story... Again

imafcgesIt has been long recognized and well-documented that I have a temper of the most destructive and terrifying kind. I try to keep a lid on that hurricane, and for the most part, I have managed to keep it in check. However, there are buttons that can be pushed that circumvent my Fail-Safe points, and immediately launch my nukes.

Do Not Pass Go; Do Not Collect $200.

The first set of buttons involve my children, like probably all the rest of the mothers in the world. No big news there.

The second however, is a very specific kind of circumstance that I found myself dealing with enough times growing up, it caused me to develop a type of temperamental allergy to it. It’s called “If I Can Convince Two People I’m Telling The Truth, Then It Doesn’t Matter If I Really Am Or Not” Game, and if exposed, I go postal

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