“How Things Have Changed since the 1980s”

by davebarclay1954

Greed is never good, but this is so true I had to share.

Lucky Otters Haven

Credit: Ramen Noodle Nation

Just the other day, I discovered a great blog called Ramen Noodle Nation. It’s all about the growing problem of poverty in America. Even 30 years ago, during the “Greed is Good” decade, there was far less poverty and people seemed to obsess less about money and survival. Most normal people still had disposable income to spend on things like miniatures and collectible plates. Now people are just trying to scrape together a decent dinner. The gap between the wealthy and everyone else has widened immensely since he 1980s. The poor still had safety nets and the middle class were far less likely to fall into poverty through circumstances completely outside their control (such as their jobs being shipped overseas). We’re becoming a third world nation, with a few extremely wealthy people–and everyone else, who either struggle to survive or are desperately trying to stay…

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