LAST HABIT OF WORLD-CLASS CHAMPIONS- 14. World-class champions always have complete focus on winning

by davebarclay1954

Words for a winning focus, check out the original if you like this.


You’re the C.E.O of your life – you choose where to put the focus.  Focus is a very important thing, it changes everything.  For example, your focus shapes your life.  So if you want to re-design your life, reshape your focus.  What I find the most interesting about focus, is where people put their focus. So, narrow the focus to change your frame and change the game. Your focus is really unlimited. The irony is that the real power comes when you narrow it to the right channel. Our focus in life always defines us and what we get out of life. We get more of what we focus on. Many athletes use hypnosis for mental focus and to set clear intentions. Winning requires discipline and focused concentration. When you focus on winning, what happens when you fail? Your ability to focus and having the drive to want to win…

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