Saturday without work

by davebarclay1954

I have worked 7 days a week for the last few months, about time I had some “me” time. Strange, as my son would normally call over when I have time off but he’s starting a new job on Monday and wants to prepare for that. Can’t blame him. So what do I do with my time today?

I seem to spend time reading the posts of others on here, re blogging those I find interesting, but not posting anything new myself. Time to redress that I think, hope you like the post to follow, dear reader as this preamble isn’t the post, merely the stage hands getting the scenery in place.


I wonder what I can

I think it’s time as I’m a man

To leave the past behind

To wander in my mind

I never mean to be unkind.

If I were to die today

What words would others say?

Would they treat me well

With the words they use to tell

Or would they make me yell?

If I could live my life again

Would I spread the pain?

Or knowing what I know today

Spread the joy with what I say?

In the end we all must lay