Meet the Budding Artist; Miss Serwah Attafuah and some of her works.

by davebarclay1954

Mum C Writes

Our guest post today is a young woman I refer to as “a beautiful bag of talent”. From a talented family, she paints to perfection. Although she is still a student, she is working soo hard to make stamp her in the world. Our inspirer for today is Miss Serwah Attafuah.

Serwah Attafuah on Serwah Attafuah on

AMOAFOWAA: You are welcome to

SERWAH:Thank you for having me!

AMOAFOWAA: Please tell us about you and growing up, schooling etc.

SERWAH:I grew up around a lot of creative people. Both my parents are artists and performers and encouraged me to pursue any talents I liked. I spent most of my childhood dancing and singing, but lost interest once I started high school. I had a lot of difficulties in high school because I didn’t fit in and the work didn’t stimulate me. In class and my spare time, I would draw…

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