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Positive Quote of the Day ~ May 30th

So pleased to share this.

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Have a blessed day all. ❤

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Thought For May 30th

Has anyone else stopped to ponder how many lives we touch? I’ve just been to have my haircut and the nice lady wished me a Merry Christmas afterwards. Isn’t it strange how a phrase out of context and at the wrong time of year can make your mind work overtime?

Thinking of the holiday season got me thinking about James Stewart in a Wonderful Life, I know that’s not the full title but everyone knows the movie, right? Anyway, the character was shown all the consequences of him not being there to make a difference and he knew everyone. In these technological times we live in, we touch more lives than we know, leaving comments on someone’s blog, reading the story written by an unpublished author. With all of this happening on a daily basis. I’m surely not the only one to realise that nowadays we have more opportunities to meet people online than we do in the physical world.

The world has changed dramatically since 911, becoming a more liberated and scary place than ever before. The U.S.A. have elected a black president, twice not just the once, are they ready for a female leader? Hilary Clinton is capable and knows the challenges having been the First Lady while her husband served 8 years. 911 wouldn’t have happened while Bill was president, he stood up to bin Laden and gave him a warning before any terrorist plot was implemented. That’s why Al Qaida waited for George Bush. What they didn’t expect was the manhunt they got, but I digress.

In these days of online meetings with people from all over the planet coming together sharing ideas, thoughts, tales and finding like minded people at every turn, it should be no surprise to find we make friends we may never meet. In my youth I had a few pen pals, some foreign. I would write a letter in English then translate it into French or German before sending it. The reply would come back in English but today we write in our own language and this can be translated by software into any other language. I feel that the science fiction I read is fast becoming science fact. All of this is open to abuse, but every technological breakthrough has always been developed quicker for war than peace.

Today, if enough of us get together, given the shrinking nature of the planet, could we stop wars before they start? Can we create a world we can be proud to leave for our children? I think anything is possible, Tesla in the U.S. are developing rechargeable batteries for houses, solar panels on the roof will charge these batteries and make a National power grid obsolete within 50 years. Science Fiction becoming Science Fact. If we build houses on Mars with this tech then we could resolve the overcrowding here, yes Mars isn’t very welcoming just now but we could change that. We have the scientists, we have the entrepreneurs ready to fund this and Mars is only a week away, how much closer will it be in 15 or 20 years?

No Help Required

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Saturday without work

I have worked 7 days a week for the last few months, about time I had some “me” time. Strange, as my son would normally call over when I have time off but he’s starting a new job on Monday and wants to prepare for that. Can’t blame him. So what do I do with my time today?

I seem to spend time reading the posts of others on here, re blogging those I find interesting, but not posting anything new myself. Time to redress that I think, hope you like the post to follow, dear reader as this preamble isn’t the post, merely the stage hands getting the scenery in place.


I wonder what I can

I think it’s time as I’m a man

To leave the past behind

To wander in my mind

I never mean to be unkind.

If I were to die today

What words would others say?

Would they treat me well

With the words they use to tell

Or would they make me yell?

If I could live my life again

Would I spread the pain?

Or knowing what I know today

Spread the joy with what I say?

In the end we all must lay



Beautiful imagery, hope it moves you as it did me. There’s more where this came from.

K Morris - Poet

door slamming

Heels on deserted pavements echo

The lure of cash

The girl’s heart beats fast

An act

Her life a car crash

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The Fear of Falling in Love

Love is the hardest thing to do, when it works it’s brilliant, when it doesn’t it hurts. The same for either sex.

He's Worth It

Being hurt emotionally is a hard pill to swallow. There is always a hesitance in asking someone questions, such as, ‘Do you like me?’ or ‘Will you go out with me?’ because you could be denied. I once asked a boy to a dance and although he attempted to deny me in a nice way, I put myself in a vulnerable position and was hurt in the end. In the beginning of a relationship it is your choice to pursue someone and ask those hard questions but once you get the ball rolling who knows what could happen.

I didn’t plan on falling in love. I didn’t even know if we would last. I was 17 years old just trying to get through high school without going insane. I had no control over my feelings and that was a scary thing…

That’s the thing about love, you really can’t control…

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When Blondes Go Wrong

This extract has me intrigued to read more. Hope you enjoy and feel the same.


After I found out about the Blonde Fury, I thought I’d better colour my hair again. I bought the dye at the same drugstore where I’d bought the pregnancy test, only this time its shelves were half vacant. There was an inventory girl with dark blueberry hair who stood in front of the selection with a clipboard. She had loaded all of the Blondissima and Super Blonde into a shopping cart, presumably to be trucked away into some back warehouse, out of customer eyesight. I reached out a finger and ran it along the remaining choices, as if touching the boxes would help me. When you get to know me, you’ll find out I have to touch everything to convince myself it’s real. I touch everything except people. Your father, an exception.

Brown Sugar, Toffee, Pecan, Cedar, Acorn, Walnut. In the cardboard panel on the boxes that showed the results…

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Stream Of Conciousness Saturday: Almost But Not Quite


Almost but not Quite

I almost  got it right

I almost  topped  the  bill tonight

Most times  no one notices me at all

Tonight I  shone  tonight  I made  the most  of all!

I almost jumped  the moon tonight

Swung from a star almost got it right

Most of  all I excelled , most of  all I flew

Almost caught  your eye, most  of  all I tried, true.

This  part  of  the Linda G Hill  Stream  of  Consciousness Saturday.

Linda  said : “Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “almost.”  Use it however you’d like. Have fun! Here  are  the  rules. 

1. Your post must be a stream of consciousness writing, meaning no editing, (typos can be fixed) and minimal planning on what you’re going to write.

2. Your post can be as long or as short as you want it to be. One sentence – one thousand…

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Empathy: A Handbook for Revolution

Food for thought. There is a new wave of empaths? I’m happy to see things through the eyes of others, but don’t think of them as different. After all cut us and we bleed, red blood, we all blister and can burn in the sun.

Cats and Chocolate

Roman Krznaric’s Empathy: A Handbook for Revolution is the kind of book that has the power to transform your thinking. Much like The Wonderbox, which I finished in January, Empathy is the kind of book that will help you understand that there are stunning possibilities beyond the way we currently live – possibilities that may help us to solve some of the biggest problems of our time.


Empathy is an expansion on the chapter that I found particularly important in The Wonderbox – that scratched the surface of the subject. It goes in-depth into the history, psychology and social aspects of empathy, and what empathy means to different people. So what is empathy? It differs profoundly to sympathy and pity – both of which have the issue of seeing people as objects or as stereotypes, ignoring the individual story, emotions and perspective of the person or group of people.


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