Lost In It

by davebarclay1954

Wonderful poetry from sirensong1208, you should check it out if you haven’t already. You won’t be disappointed.

Siren Whispers


He wanted her lost.

Lost in him

Lost in them

Lost in it.

And that she was.

She was awash

In feelings and desires

So new to her.

A flickering flame once gone unnoticed within

Was now burning furiously

It’s blue fire strong and true

Her passions released at last.

In what can only be described as destiny

He caught her scent

He sensed her on the waves

And captured her within his net of words

As she bravely swum through darkness

For the first time.

Her curiosity

Compelling her

To make that journey.

She did not know him

Yet it seems she was always

Aware of him.

Just beyond her reach

His voice in the night

Calling to her

Guiding her

To him.

Photo taken from Tumblr.com

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