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Rookie Driver Marty McFly New Favorite To Win Indy 500

Put everything on cheeky McFly to win. You can’t lose!

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

DeLoreanThe buzz at Indianapolis Motor Speedway tonight isn’t just coming from the motors of the finely tuned cars out on the track.  This Modern Philosopher has just learned that there has been a last minute entry into tomorrow’s annual running of the Indianapolis 500, and I have decided that the rookie driver is the new favorite to win the race.

Marty McFly, who has been added to the field with a heretofore unheard of Special Sponsor’s Exemption, will be representing Team Clocktower in a very unusual car.  Apparently, the exemption also allows McFly to race in a 1981 DeLorean DMC-12, rather than the usual Indy Car.

Indy 500While veteran drivers were clearly miffed when informed of the eleventh hour entry, none of them seemed to care after they got a look at the car the new kid on the track plans to race.  “I doubt that thing could do the speed…

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“Dreamscape Number One”

Another dreamscape from a Mirror Obscura. Psychedelic or what?

An English View

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“Dreamscape Number Two”

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Positive Quote of the Day ~ May 24th

Inspiration for today, courtesy of Persia. If you like it check out her blog for more of the same

Blog of a Mad Black Woman


Have a blessed day all. ❤

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My first oil painting !!

Hold the brush and splash on the paint, how good it feels.

Men need to evolve…

…and women will be women.


The same is true
When on the other foot
Is the shoe
Don’t try to control
You will lose when they awak
Try to hold you will fail
Let them go see what takes


chains and woman

You tried to hold him with chains

and now broken they are all that remains.

You said your vows and took control

You thought you owned his soul.

Then he woke up and ran away

Sorry, he wouldn’t stay.

Not your creature any more

he won’t follow and keep the score

Of all the people you manipulated

Of him, you tried and castrated.

He won’t be back after what he learned

Once tried and true and now burned.

It’s far too late to get him back

To fondle then attack.

So sip champagne while you’re alone

Chew that old and bitter bone.

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