Private Dialogue

by davebarclay1954

Beautiful poem and it fits in so well with the artwork.

Poesy plus Polemics

"Woman Looking in a Mirror" Painting by Richard Edward Miller From “Woman Looking in a Mirror”
Painting by Richard Edward Miller

burn the green wood
kill the young
nascent saplings
emergent from
rich loamy wombs
before time
(so you tell yourself)
ever feels pain
before trauma to
rootstock of memory
call it humane
this cold intervention
supposing that forests
when left to their
natural development
suffer from
certain privations
too many grown trees
who compete for
too little fresh air
in a landscape
too wanting of
less oppressed
access to sun
you have choice
(so you tell yourself)
free to decide
and what heart
would choose suffering
knowing the world
gets along
(so you tell yourself)
hardly diminished
and never to miss
a mere few
of trees

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