Start As You Mean To Go On

by davebarclay1954

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Secret Diary Of PorterGirl

Head Of Catering is a man permanently on the edge. The demands of a hungry Fellowship, not to mention staff and students and their guests, have taken their toll on his hairline and left him with an expression of constant panic. Today, he is as frantic as ever in no small part due to the ferocious enthusiasm of Professor VJ Duke.

I had thought that we would be partaking of a spot of tea before heading up to the Old Library to continue our Grail quest (well, more of a Grail meander, really) but we seem to be somewhat waylaid. A chance passing by Head Of Catering and mention of the Professor’s inauguration feast proved to be far more distracting than I might have thought.

For the last twenty minutes or so (probably more), Professor Duke has been talking ten to the dozen at an already frazzled Head Of Catering…

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