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Wonderful words, beautifully joined, who can ignore beauty’s wisdom?



Rain pounded down outside

Vibrating off window panes

Resetting the cadence of time

Our hearts were stepping to

Fingers sat tangled in my hair

As whispering breath lingered

Around curves we’d laid bare

Distant thunder beat its chest

As our souls exchanged light

Two lives connected and directed

Like moths fighting to feel fire

Some things don’t require voice

Just a free falling into places lost

Inside the storm brewing inside

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Beautiful, ’nuff said!

Is it just me…

I agree with Gale, ignore, unfriend and block the trolls. Why do some delight in this non-activity? Don’t feed them by taking them on. Thankfully Word Press, so far, is free from the Troll.

Have We Had Help?


Is it just me or have the rest of you noticed the disturbing increase in the number of thoroughly nasty individuals appearing on all social media sites lately?

If like myself you have the effrontary to raise your head above the parapet, by that I mean, advertise the fact that you are an active writer, by advertising your work or even supplying the link to blog posts like this one on any social media site, inevitably you will be attacked by someone who simply loves to hate. Sounds completely crazy I know, but we’re not talking about normal people here, instead I refer to the totally unhinged, common or garden, lesser spotted internet troll.

These days as a writer you fully expect it to happen sooner or later whenever a book you have written is published, especially by those who make it their personal business to pounce and attack from…

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