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Month: April, 2015

Lesbian pride

Love knows no hatred, boundaries and it’s all the better for it.

Hortus Closus


Love has no gender,
It’s a bridge, it’s a light.
Two hearts are back home.

Then let speak hatred people,
Be happy! Be who you are!

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Just Saying ~ April 25th

Make your kid a Genius – Poem#25 National Poetry Month

Wow, insightful wondrous and amazing. Totally genie in a bottle.

Vinod Narayan

nerd-309458_1280Make your kid a Genius
If that was an advertisement you saw
and your eyes popped out, three things are clear
First, you are not a genius
Second, your child is not a genius
Third, you think being genius is everything in life
I differ; I can; because I am no genius

What does genius mean?
Dictionaries say a ‘genius’ is
A person with exceptional ability in a specific field
‘Specific field’ is important
May be more than the fact ‘exceptional’

But some advertisements often claim a bit more
They claim “make your kid
A painter, artist, photographer, mathematician, musician
A Einstein, a Mozart, a Edison
All in one… no specific field
They can be everything and anything
Not just average, but exceptional
Geniuses in all fields….
Some even can make them read blindfold
Are we making a genius
or a genie out of a kid
A genie who can do…

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The race is running 

Well, folks, here we are. April is almost done (I turn a year older tomorrow) and with 2015 comes an election for the PM who will lead this country for the next 5 years. Cameron has fed the rich, in 2010 when he came to power, thanks to Nick Clegg, 5% of the population owned 95% of the wealth. After 5 years this has changed and we now find that 1% of the population own 98% of the wealth. Cameron is still promoting that by making the rich minority richer benefits everyone, it doesn’t. The rich get richer and feed fewer and fewer crumbs to those struggling to survive. Yes, things had to change and they still do. A country like Britain needs a caring hand at the helm, not someone who will sell off the profitable heritage and run the rest into the ground. I can’t afford dental care since this was removed from the NHS (yes in theory it’s still part of the NHS but costs have risen for everyone and it’s no longer free to those in need) it was privatised and no declaration made. The premise of the NHS was that it was paid for by the people for the people so it would be free at point of need.

This is only one part of our flagship health service, other nations envied our vision but under mismanagement since the early 1980’s we can no longer afford to provide free health care for all. Is Labour going to restore the pride in this country? Milliband will certainly do his best to wrest money from those who can afford to pay, but will he succeed or create more tax exiles? Those who can pay should pay, from each according to ability, to each according to need. That was the premise that the Welfare State was founded on. As for immigration, we should open the borders to all who want to live here, but no benefit for migrants until they’ve contributed to our economy for at least 10 years. No exceptions, no excuses, school leavers should be given apprenticeships or join the Armed Forces to defend this island against all foes, foreign and domestic.

Anyone who doesn’t want to accept our traditions and values should be assisted to leave, provide a dinghy and oars so they can go elsewhere. I’m not advocating intolerance by anyone and it’s only a few miles from Dover to Calais. If we open the borders but make it harder to receive benefits, housing and drain our depleted services further it would be interesting to see how many would actually come here.

Women’s Wit & Wisdom ~ April 25th

Not just women can take these words to heart. Inspirational and I’m happy to share

Blog of a Mad Black Woman

“I think women should start to embrace their age. What’s the alternative to getting older? You die. I can’t change the day I was born. But I can take care of my skin, my body, my mind, and try to live my life and be happy.”

~ Olivia Munn, b. 1980, American Actress

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Be Strong

Pleased to share

For Trini

Please join the prayers for all those affected by all disasters, natural and man made, hoping for peace in a turbulent violent planet.

Positive Quote of the Day ~ April 25th

Always a pleasure to share these quotes

Blog of a Mad Black Woman


Have a blessed day all. ❤

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Evaluate My Work, Not My Body Art

Sentiments we can all agree with.

Ambika Kamath

When I was an undergrad, one of my reasons for wanting to continue in academia was my aversion to Western formal clothing. If I became a Ph.D. student and then a professor, I thought, I would hardly ever need to wear suits or dress shirts, and such a life appealed to me. I had seen academics of all stripes dress in all sorts of ways, and I naively believed that this signalled something very progressive about academia’s stance towards appearance: wear what you want, because you’ll be evaluated based upon your ideas and work, not how you choose to present yourself.

But a recent article in a column called Ask Alice (published on the website of Science, one of the most high profile scientific journals out there) confirms my naivete. In this piece, an anonymous academic who finds themselves in a “conservative place” for their postdoc, asks Dr. Alice Huang, “Am I crazy…

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Why I Dropped Everything And Started Teaching Kendrick Lamar’s New Album

Racism is still flourishing in America? Surely this has to be stopped sooner people. History teaches us that “white” is bland, nature shows that we need colour in our lives. Speak out against injustice whenever and wherever we find it!

Brian Mooney

When Kendrick Lamar released his sophomore album, To Pimp A Butterfly (2015), I was in the middle of teaching a unit on Toni Morrison’s novel, The Bluest Eye (1970). My freshmen students were grappling with some big ideas and some really complex language. Framing the unit as an “Anti-Oppression” study, we took special efforts to define and explore the kinds of institutional and internalized racism that manifest in the lives of Morrison’s African-American characters, particularly the 11-year-old Pecola Breedlove and her mother, Pauline. We posed questions about oppression and the media – and after looking at the Dick & Jane primers that serve as precursors to each chapter, considered the influence of a “master narrative” that always privileges whiteness.

Set in the 1940s, the Breedlove family lives in poverty. Their only escape is the silver screen, a place where they idolize the glamorous stars of the film industry. Given the historical context…

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