A Road Without A Map

by davebarclay1954

Adopting children is a wonderful way to fill a childless gap. It must be hard for the children who don’t know where they’re from. What makes this memorable is the fact you know what Brandon is going through having been there.

Bleeding Hearts

Last night my daughter had her Senior Prom. She’s been dating her boyfriend, Brandon, for about  a year. They fell in love last summer during a trip to Japan they both went on with other students from their school. Brandon is a great kid, and he also happens to be a Korean-born adoptee. 


So, before prom began, parents came to our house to take pictures. I had the opportunity to spend some time talking with his mother. Brandon is the middle of three children, each adopted from different regions in Korea. His mother isn’t aware of my personal views, only that I am an adoptee and a birthmother. Brandon is a talented musician, a drummer, and he writes his own music. He was drawn to music without his parents urging because they didn’t and couldn’t have known themselves. His mother and I were discussing this incredible talent, and I saw…

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