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We should all take time out to listen, watch and enjoy our children. They grow so fast we don’t have long.

Bare Naked in Public


When my kids were small I was a full time student. I rushed them to childcare, attended classes all day with care-free twenty-somethings, picked up my kiddos, raced home and then stuffed them with five minutes meals. Bath time was followed by bedtime and all the while I scolded hurry, hurry, hurry!  I studied all night, and after a few hours of sleep dragged myself out of bed, and poured milk with my eyes closed into waiting bowls of cheerios. Enjoying the moment seemed an impossible goal as my brain was always calculating hours of study versus hours of sleep. No matter how I tried, I could never get enough of either.  In those early years of parenting, functioning in a state of exhaustion seemed to be a way of life.

When I finally graduated with a degree in Accounting at twenty-three, my children were just five and four…

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“This is a Man’s World?” Says Who?

I agree with this wholeheartedly, if you don’t then please keep it to yourself.

Shade But No Shade

Today is a two-fer! First time in my blogging history that I’ve done this. I think you deserve it.

Anywho, You know the song. If not, you can check it out here. Yet even James Brown knew a man is lost without a woman.

However, You hear it all the time.

Men dust the dirt off their shoulders every time because they believe it.

Us women, we just

It is a terrible debate that was probably leaked after the “Eve came from Adam’s rib” blurb.

It lead most men to do such things and hold the world they claim to own over their heads. Men cheat possibly because the ratio of women to men is greater than it is men to women? A man can have 5 girls while a woman will have 1, maybe 2. Hmmmm……

Back then it was pretty clear to see that men were…

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Magnificent Mustang

Just a simple action but so well done and what an achievement, I bet you do feel very proud of her. Glad to hear that “doing the right thing” is still recognised as a result.

Sarcastic Saturday!

Wonderful, hilarious and we all need some sarcasm to keep us sane

Priya Thakkar

watermark1 Saturday swing….! Sarcasm it is..!

So, Saturday it is and as I said in my previous post, I am in a very humorous mood as finally will get one day for relaxing.

As, I am in a very sarcastic mood so thought to share again, some recent sarcasm images which I like. Hope you all will have a little bit of smile on your face and start enjoying your WEEKEND!!!!

download (4)

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– – – – –


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– – – – –


– – – – –

And finally, for the weekend..!!!!!

friday quotes 1

Hope, you will have a great weekend ahead.!!!

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