Good morning, Universe

by davebarclay1954

i forgot the month of my birth is now dedicated as Poetry Month. What an art form poetry is, put it to music and it can warm the soul whilst reaching out to billions. Speak it softly and let the words flow through you for an enlightening experience. Simple words, complex rhythms or just the drumming of fingers on wood to keep time. How you listen, or read it, whatever works for you makes the pleasure personal. You will never understand the muse which gave rise to the words in that order being put down on the page. Everyone, including the author, will get a different meaning from the words used. This makes poetry personal and unique to the beholder. A much maligned art form in recent years it has been making a comeback of late. We have seen an influx of poets coming through taking the art form back to basics, giving it a beat and allowing the poet to shine like a star.

Rap, hip hop, call it what you will, the best is simply poetry given a beat and the worst? Well, as always that will disappear up its own tailpipe. Hasn’t it always worked that way?