Learning Lesson for Me

by davebarclay1954

Who’d have thought it possible!

Who I am

I was so embarrassed only a few minutes ago. I had been tidying up the living room. I moved one of my air fresheners to a different spot. After I finished the room I decided to put the washed sheets into the dryer. Next, I took a shower.

When I stepped out of the shower I could hear the Carbon Monoxide alarm going off. I about crapped my pants. I was so-so familiar with what carbon monoxide can do.

I hurried and dried off. I slipped on some clothes and stood under the alarm listening and wondering what I should do. It went off one more time, so I instantly checked the tester. I don’t know why I did that, so don’t ask. lol. I check the batter weekly.

Well I got scared and grabbed my cell phone and headed out to the back porch and called the gas company…

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