First Sighting

by davebarclay1954

Spring is in the ground my friends

Highway to 5th Heaven


As one Season ends
a new one arises.

Today! Today I saw my very first glimpse of New Life in my gardens! I planted bulbs last Fall, and these are some of those bulbs. Now, don’t ask me what bulb this one is, because I do not know. The paper I wrote where I planted the hundreds of bulbs I did plant, and what those bulbs are, I do not at this moment know where I put. It is probably in with my gardening tools, so when I open our barn this year, that is more then likely where I will find it. Until then, it is going to be a guessing game. Name that bulb! I am SO excited by my first sighting of New Life I am jumping for sheer JOY!

Photography/ “First Sighting” 2015©AmyRose


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