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Women are Crazy (The way to lose your female readers)

Makes sense, people. The guide for the married man, or the man in a long term relationship.

“An Arc of the Feminine”

No Embellishments

You really should check out this blog, it will blow your mind

“The Actuality of Misconceptions”

If, like me, you enjoy abstracts then check out the original for more psychedelia and surreal artwork.

The Rainbows End

Such cynicism from one so young

pot of gold 
I saw a beautiful rainbow in the sky
It reminded me of the housewives tales of old
That if anyone could find the rainbows end
They would be sure to find a pot of gold
My mother told me this when I was just a child
The thought of the riches filled me with pleasure
When I next saw a rainbow in the sky
I immediately set off to find the treasure
Eventually I was able to find the rainbows end
But my hoped for pleasure was not to be
For nowhere could I see a pot of gold
Someone must have got there before me
I know now that it was just a housewives tale
One of many which has proven to be untrue
My advice is to take it with a pinch of salt
If anyone tries to tell one to you
Ron Martin

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#PicturePromptChallenge by Mark Davis

Erotic art, is it pornography? That really depends on the eye of the beholder! Check out the original blog if you like this.

Words across the Oceans



What would you do
Confronted by this scene
Walk through those trees
Where the moon shines in between

Drawn by the light
Like a moth to the glare
No thought given
To dangers that might lie there…

Each brush of a branch
Fingers on your arm
Wind through the trees
Voices filled with charm

In your dream they devour
Your soul being taken away
Sense things have changed
As you slowly awaken


© Mark Davis (2015)


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