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Connect & Tags

Tag this, read it and weep that you didn’t come to it first. If you like it check out the original!

Reflections for my Soul

Photo 101 assignment #6: Connect & Tags

The first image is one that I posted before but I did a little more editing to it as I thought that it was too dark.  Let me know if you think this is better than the original.

bnw100 Connections

The original image was a in-camera conversion.  I am learning that I prefer to do the conversion myself as I have more control.

My second image for “connect” I used an escalator.  It is not a literal connection but it is a way to connect to our destination.  In my case to a train then home.

Connection 2 Connection 2

DSC07463-b Original – no edits

The second part of the assignment is “tags”.  I already tag and most times I am sure I over tag so for this post I have used less and will try to heed the warning about using too many tags.

Thanks for…

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Transparent, Me

Just found this wonderful poem, had to share it with you, enjoy and check out Souldier Girl for more like this.

Souldier Girl

I’ve missed you terribly

Like when Jesus left Mary
Her heart released and carried
How long ago were we split
From one to two
I’ve searched in crowded rooms
I’ve written the ink out of all my pens
I’ve prayed, begged, and wished on stars
The ones that burned into my soul
In that ever gaping hole
I’ve caught and killed butterflies
I’ve bled and died alone
I’ve been frozen and I’ve been stoned
I’ve left lovers and led blind men
I lost children and wailed for you then
I was put in the hands of cruelty
And abandon when they tired of me
I handed myself up and over
My heart clutched in the teeth
Of an eagle
Searching to find you
At last the garnet was delivered
And I felt a jolt of life
My twin soul
I am moved beyond control
And my…

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I love the imagery of the poetry, truly a Source of Inspiration, you would do well to check out this blog!

Source of Inspiration

sitting in the corner

Sitting in the corner
waiting to repent for my deeds
takes a long time
for I am not sorry
except for getting caught.
Five years old
or 71
I still don’t like
sitting in the corner
waiting to repent for my deeds
for which I am still not sorry.

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Why I Care About The Numbers – By: OM

If this makes sense to you, as it does to me, then check out OM’s blog. You know it makes sense!