Just for arguments sake…

by davebarclay1954

if, as a man, and white, I can take people as I find them, regardless of any physical attributes, why can’t we all?

As the International Women’s weekend draws to a close it reminds me that a few weeks ago it was American Black History day. If everyone was treated with respect and given their due would we still have these special days? I think it’s nice to remember the bad old days, to learn from past mistakes and to move forward ensuring those mistakes are kept in the past. Women have only recently, in the past 100-something years, been recognised for their contributions to society. Blacks even less, and racism is still rife today! Events show that hatred is born out of fear. Racism is hatred, hatred is a wasted energy. We should realise after all this time that inside we’re all the same, there are fundamental differences between the sexes. But internally white, black, yellow, red or blue with purple spots the differences aren’t there.

If we cut isn’t our blood red? If we’re shot, stabbed or injured then we should all feel the pain. If it happens to one it happens to everyone, so called (un)Islamic State have still not realised that the atrocities they post online are uniting those opposed to them. For every idiot who believes the lies they’re spouting there are thousands, if not millions, who feel disgusted and want them stopped no matter what the cost.