Is Snow Miser The Machines’ Greatest Weapon?

by davebarclay1954

Brrrrrrilliant piece of writing, as always.

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Juno HouseAs I was leading a survivalist class in the secure basement bunker of The House on the Hill today, a Deep Thought formed that very well might have been the key to setting back The Robot Apocalypse…

Is Snow Miser a weapon of Robot High Command?

How brilliant would it be if The Machines had created a master weapon to distract, disorient, and disarm the human race over the course of several months?

At this point, after such a harsh and draining Winter, does mankind have any fight or willpower left to fight off The Machines should they launch their offensive?

So many of our resources have been depleted and diverted to the clearing of snow and sanding of roads.  Many parts of the country are still buried under the white stuff, and a city like Boston, renowned for its revolutionary spirit, has been crushed by Snow Miser’s nonstop aerial…

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