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Month: February, 2015

Friday Night Think Tank: Found Money

Always nice to get an unexpected windfall but it never pays to leave too much in the checking account (we call it a current account here in Blighty). I’m not one for flamboyance so would probably do something practical with it.


Love the painting and if you do too please check out the original blog.

Hortus Closus


Painting by Paul Bond

Can my kisses heal
Your pain – the wounds of a life?
A kiss is a kiss.

My love can dry your tears
Love is a restful island.

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Just Saying ~ February 19th

Please check out the original blog.

Blog of a Mad Black Woman


“Nowadays people say “I love you” just like they are saying “Hello””.

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My daughter was bullied and I’m not angry, I’m sad

I agree wholeheartedly with your story, we are all unique and the sooner everyone wakes up to this fact the sooner we can ALL get along!


You think bullying in schools in Canada is rare, until it happens to your child.

My daughter, who was home schooled for three years, went back to school last year. In the first few months she was harassed because she chose to wear a headscarf to school. A girl in a higher grade snapped “why do you wear that ugly thing in your head?”. Ouch.

When she told me, I was truly shocked. The area we live in is very mixed, lots of different races, cultures, religions. People are generally tolerant and kind to others, we all get along. I told my daughter to talk to the school resource teacher the next day. The school has a great no-tolerance anti-bullying program which encourages kids to report ALL bullying incidents no matter how small. She did, we discussed it, and thankfully she was okay.

But it got me thinking, what exactly is it that…

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Year of the goat

Wow the year of the horse is over, especially wishing my fellow horses a happy new year.

Hortus Closus


The New Year is there!
Happiness, Festivities.
I wish you the best.

Happy New Year


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My Strength

If this doesn’t move you and make you think then you must be dead.

Just Saying ~ February 18th

You’re on the button as always. Inspiring and feeding thought process through the mind of time and space. Joy you bring with your light shining through.

Blog of a Mad Black Woman


“Lust starts with chemistry. Love starts with trust and respect.”

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We should all be supporting such a good cause every day



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Love is in the air.

Why is it that in the cold depths of winter (usually January and February) our thoughts turn naturally towards love? Is it down to the activities of love-making or just to snuggle up close with that special someone? Whatever the reason behind it, it does feel so good to share body heat with that special someone. Which brings me back to the mornings when I get up in the morning and my OH snuggles back under the duvet and goes back to sleep for a little while. Once upon a time this would have been so bad, I hated my job so much. Now I’m doing something I love and being paid to do it! How lucky can I get?

The fact is that if I was asked to work 24/7 for the next 3 months, it may make me feel ill but I’d do it and take the consequences later on. How many of you are doing jobs that you feel that way about?

Lov4Feb Day 16

Well Valentines Day is over for another year. Why are flowers and chocolates vastly more expensive the week beforehand? That’s why I buy them for my wife at other times of the year. Is marriage really about giving and receiving gifts on your anniversary? Shouldn’t you give gifts when you feel like giving them? My OH and I don’t exchange gifts during our anniversary, however, I will buy her flowers if I feel like it’s been like a particularly bad week for her.

Marriage can be defined as being with the person who annoys you more than anyone else because you annoy them in equal measure. If you stay together through the hard times then you can outlast those who mock.