Friday Night Think Tank: Found Money

by davebarclay1954

Always nice to get an unexpected windfall but it never pays to leave too much in the checking account (we call it a current account here in Blighty). I’m not one for flamboyance so would probably do something practical with it.

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Doc BrownHappy Friday, Modern Philosophers!

It felt weird going back to work today after my Writer’s Day.  It really got me thinking about how much I need to make a big move and try to write full time.

I was talking to a blogger friend yesterday about writing the e-book I’ve been outlining in my head for quite some time now.

It might finally be the time to bring that project to life.  Sounds like exactly the kind of challenge I need to keep me out of trouble.

I’ve got the Writing Bug, Modern Philosophers, and I’m tired of being chained to a desk all day.  I just love the freedom that comes with being my own boss, working my own hours, and cranking out pages of creativity.

Speaking of freedom, it’s time to free our minds and head out to the Think Tank.  Are you ready to get the Deep…

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