My daughter was bullied and I’m not angry, I’m sad

by davebarclay1954

I agree wholeheartedly with your story, we are all unique and the sooner everyone wakes up to this fact the sooner we can ALL get along!


You think bullying in schools in Canada is rare, until it happens to your child.

My daughter, who was home schooled for three years, went back to school last year. In the first few months she was harassed because she chose to wear a headscarf to school. A girl in a higher grade snapped “why do you wear that ugly thing in your head?”. Ouch.

When she told me, I was truly shocked. The area we live in is very mixed, lots of different races, cultures, religions. People are generally tolerant and kind to others, we all get along. I told my daughter to talk to the school resource teacher the next day. The school has a great no-tolerance anti-bullying program which encourages kids to report ALL bullying incidents no matter how small. She did, we discussed it, and thankfully she was okay.

But it got me thinking, what exactly is it that…

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