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Area Man Loses Both Rental Car Keys Because They’re Fucking Attached

Amazing, why would both sets of keys be permanently joined together.

The Lonely Petunia

ATLANTA, GA—During a recent business trip, area man Kevin Simmons lost both sets of keys to this rental car because the keys were fucking attached to each other. “They gave me two sets of keys to my car, but for some goddamned reason, there was a metal ring permanently joining them together. So, when I misplaced one, I sure as hell misplaced the other,” said a disgruntled Mr. Simmons to reporters. Sources confirmed that Avis did indeed give Mr. Simmons two sets of keys to his Toyota Camry, which would provide him an extra set should he accidently lose one. However, reporters were unable to identify any logical fucking reason why Avis would fucking attach them to each other, for Chrissake. “If they’re going to attach them to each other, wouldn’t it be smarter to just give me one set of keys and keep the other at the agency…

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Lov4Feb almost here

Well, Friday the 13th is here, first one this year but there’s another coming next month. Tomorrow is Valentines Day, my 13th wedding anniversary, long time married to someone who annoys the hell out of me most of the time. She can still surprise me though, and it’s not like I don’t annoy her as well.

When it works, no matter why or how, don’t knock it out. I’m a believer in if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Married for the 4th time after 3 divorces I didn’t think I’d ever find “the 1” that I could be with through hard times and good. The point is, don’t give up trying to be the best you it’s possible to be. One day you will get there.