Love is all you need. #Lov4Feb

by davebarclay1954

Everything is, nothing is, everything! In the beginning when all was new, before the stars or the planets came into being, there was something, and it was love and love was good. In the intervening millennia there has been light and dark, stars have formed and disappeared, but there is still love.

The poets have written about it, the minstrels sang about it. Since the 1950’s people have danced to the Rock and Roll of it. Love is not something intangible we can feel it’s presence all around us. Why do haters hate? Whatever it is we are falling into the abyss and, let’s not pretend anymore, if we keep on killing each other the way we are, and taking everything out of this planet as well, we will end up extinct just like the dinosaurs.

Nature may nurture us for a few more centuries or even millennia but in the end the planet won’t be able to sustain us and Nature will root us out with disease, pestilence, war and Death. As a footnote whatever happened to Bert? The 5th horseman of the apocalypse? (Readers who don’t get the reference try reading the Discworld novels by Terry Pratchett). Love is all around us, reach out and grab it before the whole s@&thouse goes up in flames.