My Dirty Little Secret – Promote Yourself

by davebarclay1954


Our secret love affair
Lost inside eachothers eyes as “he” knows nothing of it
We make such a pair
And we both love it

We laugh behind his back
As we cuddle and in your bed lie next to eachother
So naive and so much that he lacks
He still doesnt know you have a secret lover

Neglecting him all the days of your “engagment”
We lose ourselves in a swirl of blankets
While he sits alone at home dorment
And we have the time of our lives and as he hasnt found out yet

I bet you wish you were me
I bet you’d wander how
I bet you she would be inclined to agree
And I bet you wish you payed more attention now

I hope you soon find out
I’ll take so much pride in what I did
And I bet she will too no doubt

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