by davebarclay1954

Food for thought and so beautifully put.

my passion.


Ministry…this is perfect.Anything we endure is not in vain,even if we went through it because of our own unwise choices.It can be shared,it can speak life,it can help make a difference in someone else’s life…especially your own. I love this…even when you’re going through a storm you can still minister & be a blessing to someone else even if we don’t know it/see it…but you live by faith believing that it will.God can still & will use you so long as you have a willing heart.The holy spirit is ALWAYS there to be our guide.There is purpose in it all…ultimately it is to bring glory to Him!it is because of Him that we even have a story to tell in the first place…of His grace,mercy,forgiveness…His light…His love.And how He’s with us through it ALL.He gives us strength & courage to do so in the midst of our own…

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