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Yes, We are in Love

Death seems to focus our minds on what’s important.


Food for thought and so beautifully put.

my passion.


Ministry…this is perfect.Anything we endure is not in vain,even if we went through it because of our own unwise choices.It can be shared,it can speak life,it can help make a difference in someone else’s life…especially your own. I love this…even when you’re going through a storm you can still minister & be a blessing to someone else even if we don’t know it/see it…but you live by faith believing that it will.God can still & will use you so long as you have a willing heart.The holy spirit is ALWAYS there to be our guide.There is purpose in it all…ultimately it is to bring glory to Him!it is because of Him that we even have a story to tell in the first place…of His grace,mercy,forgiveness…His light…His love.And how He’s with us through it ALL.He gives us strength & courage to do so in the midst of our own…

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Narcissists only love themselves.


A Handsome Young Airman

The folly of war. Death and destruction in the name of what?


Oh, a handsome young airman lay dying
Surrounded by wreckage he lay
And the mechanics who stood all around him
Swear these are the words he did say, did say.

Take the cylinders out of my kidneys
Connecting rods out of my brain
From the small of my back take the crankshaft
Assemble Pratt Whitney again, again

Now whenever you’re flying the” Big B’s”
Or airplanes of similar ilk,
Never forget the old ripcord
And always resort to the silk, the silk.

Oh the Big “B’s” a mighty fine airplane
Constructed of rivets and tin
It has a top speed of 150
The ship with the headwind built in, built in.

I never should have joined the Air Corps
Mother, dear Mother knew best
For now I lay here in the wreckage
Pratt Whitney all over my chest, my chest.


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Hortus Closus


Painting Juliette Gorge Coppens

Your arms are my nest,
They are the cocoon where I
Feel the warmth of love.

Winter time is so pleasant
When your kisses make me hot

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My Dirty Little Secret – Promote Yourself


Our secret love affair
Lost inside eachothers eyes as “he” knows nothing of it
We make such a pair
And we both love it

We laugh behind his back
As we cuddle and in your bed lie next to eachother
So naive and so much that he lacks
He still doesnt know you have a secret lover

Neglecting him all the days of your “engagment”
We lose ourselves in a swirl of blankets
While he sits alone at home dorment
And we have the time of our lives and as he hasnt found out yet

I bet you wish you were me
I bet you’d wander how
I bet you she would be inclined to agree
And I bet you wish you payed more attention now

I hope you soon find out
I’ll take so much pride in what I did
And I bet she will too no doubt

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Heart Healer

Wonderful way with words and images.

Source of Inspiration


He’s the healer of your heart
the only one who can make
you whole again.
He’ll always be with you
waiting patiently
loving you throughout all.
He’s the healer of your heart
the only one who can make
you whole again.

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Be Nice

When someone touches us with the words they use, we’re blessed. Twice over.

Blog of a Mad Black Woman

As unfashionable as the sentiment may seem, nice people find fewer impediments to becoming calm.

~ Paul Wilson

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