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Women’s Wit & Wisdom ~ January 31st

Shame it has always been that way. I’m trying out for a change in attitudes not only towards women but towards everyone. The change is overdue and we can force it through together.

Blog of a Mad Black Woman

“No one invites you to the top – you have to claw your way up. When you get there, you will sit with the others who were also uninvited – giggling.”

~ Staness Jonekos, Advocate for Women’s Health

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth No. 5


Old pictures of people long gone excite and invite us in to make up stories for them.

Poesy plus Polemics

"Boys Shooting Craps" Photo by Lewis Hine From “Boys Shooting Craps”
Photo by Lewis Hine

the desperate play
rolling bones in back alleys
begging for a fade
old bricks can trip up the odds
old dreams come up snake eyes

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Since this is the 1st of Feb and a good place to start here goes.

I love you so much it’s making me ill
Or maybe that’s just the poison I feel
Don’t let me die before dinner my duch
Or I will be back to haunt you my dear