JusJoJan Final Day

by davebarclay1954

Well here we are, folks, the last day of January and the last day of the JusJoJan project. Maybe with Valentines approaching we should start February off with a fresh challenge? How about LovFoFeb? With a hashtag of #Love4Feb? Let me know what you think, maybe have it dedicated to poetry rather than prose, poems don’t have to rhyme and can be on any topic.

Here’s a little something to start the ball rolling:
February comes in with thoughts of love
Cold weather makes us want to stay inside
Cuddling up with one we love and adore
From the cold city we want to hide.

Read a book play some games or
Just relax in each other’s company
The wind may howl, snow might fall
But we’re safe here just you and me.

Watch some football on TV, laugh and cry
With the family, friends come round to join
The fun, share some snacks and have a beer
When all is done we’ll share a feast.