JusJoJan 70 years on

by davebarclay1954

Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. I’m not a follower of those who say that this never happened, the conspiracy theorists, I’d like it not to be true because it’s the worst case of genocide the human race has ever committed. The fact remains that it did happen and we still have not learned from it. The proof is all around us. Islamic (sic) State are guilty of ethnic cleansing in the name of religion, no religion sets itself up to kill, rape, degrade others to ensure it’s left as the only religion. Boko Haram are doing the same in central Africa, again in the name of Islam. Muslims throughout the world are saying this isn’t following the teachings of Islam, Christianity, Islam, Hebrew and all the other religions preach peace, tolerance, love and respect so what does that leave the criminals to claim?
They’re failing in trying to break public opinion against joining forces with each outrage we unite more. With each outrage we become more resolved to freeze their funding.