JusJoJan day 24 do we continue?

Wow, one more week left of the first month of 2015. If I may be permitted some leeway while I jot down my thoughts. Barack had the State of the Union address this past week. A lot of Muslims gave voice to decry the criminals who are IS. If so many of us here on this planet want to live peaceful lives why do the terrorists still think they are winning?
Surely, as in Northern Ireland in the 1990s, peace and common sense have to prevail. The beheadings, shootings, death and carnage have failed to tear the world apart. Our resolve to fight these murderers and stop them dead in their tracks grows with every atrocity. Surely they will only run out of funds if we join together and refuse to pay any ransom.
As long as some countries give into the demands made and inject cash to fund terrorism, the more their natives will be at risk of further kidnapping? I believe death comes to us all, in one form or another. If we strive to bring murderers down, stop them in their tracks, cut off their funding and keep the rockets flying they can’t possibly win.