JusJoJan Day 10

by davebarclay1954

Je suis Charlie, what a dramatic end to the week yesterday was. After the deaths on Wednesday and Thursday the French Gendarmerie cornered the suspects in a warehouse when their compadre took hostages in a Jewish supermarket. Shame some of the innocent died in the crossfire but the world has been saved the cost of 3 trials and 3 rhetoric from those madmen. Suicide by cop is no glorious way to go, ask any American policeman about the aftermath of killing even the guilty. There is an adrenaline rush initially when facing down a maniac, this soon turns into kill or be killed. Afterwards, there is a shock when you realise you’ve taken away someone’s life. Even in a war zone the guilt is there when you take someone’s life, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and that is very real.