JusJoJan… What a great idea to start 2015 with!

by davebarclay1954

Posts don’t have to be long, short is fine. Random thoughts bringing people together in peace to talk and take the time to add to the discussion. Will this make a change? I certainly hope so. I hope that the dialogue highlights our differences without promoting hatred. I believe we can achieve world peace if we celebrate our differences with love. There’s too much hatred in the world today, a lot of it, and it’s unjustified, all of it.
Love can conquer the world and it’s free. Let’s try to make 2015 the year we woke up and gave peace a chance. Imagine there’s no country with nothing to fight or die for. Let’s try and do this 35 years after the murder of our greatest pacifist, John Lennon, in the words of one of his friends, you were the one who had made it so clear all those years ago.