This used to be my playground

by davebarclay1954

When we were young life was a magical place where we lived. Now it seems there were as many (if not more) child abusers preying on the weak and innocent as there are today.

The latest big name trial has ended with a guilty verdict. While I feel no affection for the predator I do feel compassion for their victims. They hid their guilt and shame, sometimes for decades, when they had done nothing to feel guilty or shame about. I think the law needs to be changed, protect the innocent at all costs but those accused should be investigated and their lives, whether public or private, should be examined in minute detail.

In the instance of historical cases every perpetrator should have every alibi checked and if not possible to confirm an alibi then this should be counted against them. Children are always innocent and we have to ensure that this innocence is not tarnished by the actions of a predator.

Children should be allowed to grow at their own pace, in a world where they are kept safe and allowed to enjoy their childhood. If we can name and shame and stop these paedophiles in their tracks then we can move closer to allowing children freedom from attack and safe places to live, grow and develop without limiting their imaginations.