I sit and watch as tears go by

by davebarclay1954

Where to start today, do I begin in the middle then take you back to the beginning? Or maybe just offer you a teaser to tempt you? Or start at the very beginning and bring you up to date?

The latter seems the most logical therefore I won’t do that. A teaser to whet the appetite could backfire as you might not be as gripped as I would like and not come back. That just leaves me with the first option which, as clever as it might sound now, I may not be able to achieve the desired result. So I will start somewhere around the middle, on 23 May, I had an interview at HP, everyone there was (as they say up here) dead canny. Anyway, at the end of the interview I was told I’d hear back within 2 weeks, which came and went ever so quickly. When I’d not heard anything I assumed I’d been unsuccessful until last week when I was asked to take in proof of my National Insurance number. I did and was told I’d hear back within the next two weeks regardless of the outcome.

This week I’ve been asked to take over further proof of id so they can proceed with my application. Does this mean I will be offered a position, or are they just seeing how many hoops I will jump through before telling me sorry? At the moment I’m not sure but I am trying to keep positive. Of course I will let you know dear friends whatever the outcome.