There it is, suck it up

by davebarclay1954

Why do people get so emotional these days?
Over what is, essentially, a test of skill home and away
Win or lose it is not the end of your life
Stay in or get knocked out makes no difference

The competition will be back again in 4 years
With the same thrills and spills, fears
And expectations, no doubt and no wonder
We, who see it for what it really is, the best in the world

But only for the next few weeks, whose to say
That the overall winners won’t be beaten next day?
Look at 1966, England won but lost in the Home Championship
To a Scotland that hadn’t qualified.

Is it worth the fights the death, the fear and pain?
Time and time again
We know England won’t win no matter what
So why kid ourselves the outcome will change?

Suck it up, there’s never a good time to exit
But surely sooner is better than later?
We can analyse the play till the cows come home but
The truth is our team don’t play together like they need

Against the best in the world they should play like a club
Team, pulling together, knowing strengths and weaknesses
Not thinking where is Joe gonna be but passing instinctively
And finding the net with every shot