Funny how time slips away (part second the final)

by davebarclay1954

Well it’s been a busy couple of weeks at College, passed my finals with 3 days to spare so I can wait for another training course or stay unemployed and looking for work. Employers don’t want to employ someone my age because I will be retiring in just over 5 years.

I did find my ideal job, with Proctor and Gamble, prior to Y2K but the contract was only temporary and I knew they were going to let me go at some point. Also when I worked for BT I did enjoy that job, mostly, some people complained because the service we were providing had gone wrong in their area. That was when I found out that flashing street lights, torrential rain and even Xmas tree lights could affect a broadband connection. When I worked at BT it used to annoy me when calls were transferred through cold and the customer had spoken to a few advisors before landing with me. I was able to empathise with these customers as I do not consider that to be anything like the service big multinational companies should provide.

While I worked in the Head Office of the AA, in Basingstoke, the telephone bill showed a spike just after I started but, and this was a huge plus for me, the number of complaints fell just as rapidly. The one outweighed the other, and I had a manager who appreciated the steps I took for my customers.

Anyway, bottom line is I found my niche, IT support in a service environment. One thing I can’t do, unfortunately, is achieve sales targets so I will not apply for any sales job as I don’t see the point of signing off one week to sign back on the following week. I just need to make the DWP and Government aware of that fact and I’ll be sorted.

Any road up, as the actress said to the bishop, it’s early doors, I’ve got lots to do tomorrow so it’s up with the sun in 4 hours time… Off to bed I will have to go or I won’t get everything finished before my boy comes over on Saturday. Until the next time, go carefully and may your God go with you.