Funny how time slips away

by davebarclay1954

As most of my regulars must be aware by now, I am heavily (pun intended) into rock music. I do object, however, when listening to a beginner play the violin for the first time. Something about that sound sets my teeth on edge as well as making me wish I was completely deaf.

I was listening to my playlist (on random so I didn’t know what was coming next) when Ace of Base were followed by Cat’s in the cradle. 2 polar opposites back to back neither of which I have heard for about a decade. Shocking to think as well that the massacre in Tiannenmen Square China was 25 years ago. Troops opening up on unarmed civilians. That couldn’t happen today, could it?

It still is, all over the world. Terrorists in the Middle East and Ulster find themselves unlikely bedfellows as part of peace talks with those who were hunting them down. Can there be peace on this planet? Anyway, busy day at college tomorrow (or today) so I’m off to bed… To be continued…