It’s all down to my way of living

by davebarclay1954

Have you ever had someone point out something completely off the wall that makes you think, Wow, or I never would’ve thought that way ever? I had that the other day, in our schools and workplaces women are told to cover up so they won’t distract the males. This is the left field bit (yes it was a woman commenting), this perpetuates the woman as weaker and leads to the perpetuity of the rape culture.

If you really stop and think about it, she is absolutely right. Male kids should be told that all humans are beautiful in their own way, and women especially deserve to be treated as equals. I respect women completely and even if I saw a naked woman walking down the street rape would be furthest from my mind. In these days of warmth why should our females be expected to cover up? Men will often strip to the waist and some will dig out shorts, just to keep cool. Why can’t women do the same? Short skirts and skimpy tops are never an invitation to rape, they show women get just as hot as the rest of us. I have never subscribed to the view “Going out dressed like that, she was asking for it” if a woman says no, respect that, move on to another. There are lots of women who are feeling the heat but that doesn’t mean they are asking for sex.

I really like women, the way they look, the way they move, the style and grace of the female and, while I will look at a woman’s face in conversation, I admit I do look at other areas when passing by. Which red blooded heterosexual male wouldn’t? I will also defend a woman’s right to wear whatever she chooses without comment, without fear, and if she does fall foul of a male who violates her I will come down hard on the rapist, which is only fair. Too often we see rapists walking free after trial because they have utter contempt for the law, and women.

How often have we heard that sex was “consensual” and the bruises were the result of foreplay? It’s about time we gave women the power they deserve in such cases. Don’t make them face, in open court, the violator. Allow them to give their evidence from a separate room with audio only. Maybe then more cases of rape will be punished, more rapists will face jail time, and it might deter others from committing this crime.

Thank you for allowing me to bend your ear for so long. Take care, be vigilant, look out for someone, let’s do 1 act of random kindness today and every day. Take back our streets, our community, our lives, make this country Great once again.