Fame, makes it tough hard to follow

Here I am again, folks, this time around I thought I’d do something different, off the wall, crazy and completely unaided by chemicals. Why is science so focused these days? Because it all comes down to profit at the end of the day. What if…? Has been replaced by We need a cure for…! Science and scientists made some amazing discoveries in the past by using what if…? Would penicillin have been discovered if Fleming hadn’t made a mistake but watched to see what would happen if he left the experiment to develop? No I don’t think it would have. Edison discovered hundreds of ways to make light bulbs that didn’t work before anyone found the one that worked.

Science has, in the past, focused on what if, white light was believed to be pure and white until someone noticed the rainbow appearing from a prism when hit by white light. At first it was thought the colours were stored inside the prism until someone put this to the test. We see the world around us every day but, sadly, most of us never notice what goes on under our eyes. Have scientists and science becoming blinkered in the same way? What if one of the failures in the targeted research to find a cure for breast cancer, say, was allowed to develop to see what if, it may not prove to be a cure for Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s?

Targeted research has it’s benefits but have we gone too far in the pursuit of profit to expand knowledge through experimentation. On a more positive note there is a research centre in the South of England where what if research is going to be carried out along side targeted research, hopefully the targeted will generate enough income to fund the what if side. It would be a sad waste if our search for why and what if failed now when it has given so much in the past to explain life and the way we function as well as giving us some amazing developments and cures along the way.