The piper at the gates of dawn

by davebarclay1954

Sorry, my dear friends and readers, I’ve been at College for a few days a week over the last few weeks with heaps of work to do in between as well. Hey ho, off to Sheffield soon, snooker in the morning at the Crucible Theatre before I go to Scotland for my birthday weekend, can’t wait. Gonna watch Ronnie before I leave, hopefully the whole session.

On a lighter note, has anyone else caught a little bit of a conversation and wondered what the people could have been discussing? I overheard a woman talking to her friend and caught an entire phrase, “Been up and down more often than a prostitute’s knickers” wonder what the topic was? I later found out they were discussing a lift which was a disappointment to me.

I was in a lecture hall the other day when the tutor, reacting to two groups who were continuing conversations while he tried to deliver the lecture. He said, “The thing about legislating that any violence done to a child is criminal is shown by the lack of respect shown by youngsters to their elders. We need to reverse this somewhat as people from my generation respected their elders. If you back chatted an older person they went and reported this to your parent who would give you a hiding, that fostered respect for your elders. Now kids threaten to call the police or social services if you even raise your voice. They think they can do as they please and no-one will stop them!”

This got me thinking of my youth (yes I’m older than I look) and how much different the youth of today are. In my day we used to wander round in a large group, the older generation knew they had no reason to fear us, no-one was either frightened to go out after dark, or even lock their doors. After all this was the time of community, everyone on our Estate knew everyone else so we all kept an eye on each other and knew a strange face. Nowadays people move around so much that neighbourhoods change constantly. You can never be sure if someone belongs or not.